Salsa Fiesta is the first family-run Mexican Restaurant in Bhutan. Envisioned and created by the head chef Simran Chhetri, it offers a new flavour on the streets of Thimphu. In true mexican home-cooked style, the cosy 'hole-in-the-wall' restaurant is tucked away in the heart of the city, and offers a unique retreat for hungry diners.


With a small rotating Menu, Simran ensures all the authentic Mexican dishes are prepared with the freshest local ingredients. The casual atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the convenient location makes Salsa Fiesta a perfect place for a lunch, dinner, or tasty snack. Catering, takeout and delivery are also available!


Since 2000, Simran has been cooking Mexican food out of her home kitchen with her two beautiful daughters. With over a decade of experience, she has slowly refined the flavors and style that make Mexican food so distinctive.

After refining her skills through private catering and fearless experimentation, Simran has decided to branch out of her small kitchen counter business and open the first Mexican Restaurant in Bhutan. She looks forward to welcoming you to her new culinary home.


Our menu is small to ensure the freshest of ingredients and newest flavours. Simran likes to experiment with new dishes, and so expect the menu to change regularly. Do you know what an Enchilada is? If not, come find out!

Quesadilla 60/80

Nachos 60/80

Tacos 150/180

Enchiladas 150/180

Arroz (rice) con Frijoles (beans) /

Carne (meat) 110/130

Side Salad 50

Chips and Salsa 30

Fried Bananas with Ice Cream 100

Pricing: Veg/Meat


Salsa Fiesta is located in Thimphu right off of Chorten Lam in the Chogzin Lam car park. We are tucked away on the ground floor in the back of the building to the right of the 8-Eleven. Look for the sign board outside.


9am to 10pm Monday to Saturday

Closed on Sundays

¡Viva la Fiesta!